Chest Pain Center

accredited_heart_centerIn looking for a hospital at which to receive high-quality, timely and nurturing care, cardiac patients and their families can be assured that our Heart Center provides exceptional care and service. We have been awarded Level 5 Chest Pain Center Accreditation through the Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care. Accredited Chest Pain Centers have proven they utilize robust protocols that combines evidence-based science, quality initiatives, American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association guidelines and clinical best practices to produce the most effective care delivery model for low-risk NSTEMI/unstable angina, acute heart attacks and resuscitation.

In addition, our Heart Center has been at the forefront of coordinating the timeliest acute heart attack care possible with Polk County’s Emergency Management Services. Because each minute is critical with heart attack care, this initiative authorizes paramedics to initiate the call that brings in the on-call cardiac interventional team at our Medical Center. The national benchmark put forth by the Society for Cardiovascular Patient Care acute heart attack (STEMI) care is 90 minutes or less. Our Heart Center consistently treats patients in 40 to 45 minutes.