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Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine
Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine
Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine

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Speech Therapy

For patients with communication disorders caused by disease, stroke, head trauma or other neurological events, we offer a highly specialized speech therapy program with added expertise in treating dysphagia. Dysphagia includes limited movement of the jaw, mouth, tongue or palate as well as difficulty moving food and liquid from the front to the back of the mouth and down the throat, resulting in an increased risk of food and liquid entering the lungs (aspiration) and developing into pneumonia.
At Lakeland Regional, people who have difficulty speaking, thinking, remembering or swallowing after injury, illness or treatment can benefit from the highly specialized care of our skilled speech therapists. Trained in therapeutic techniques for improving and restoring these skills, our speech therapists often work in conjunction with our physical therapists to improve movement of the throat and muscles.

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