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Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine
Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine
Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine

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Pediatric Aquatic Therapy

As the area’s only program to offer on-site, clinically supervised aquatic therapy for babies through the adolescent years, our SwimEx® pool affords children therapeutic play-based movement for improving range of motion, facilitating neurodevelopmental growth, and restoring strength and muscle tone.Water not only provides buoyancy for added assistance and support with less stress on the muscles and joints, it also helps circulate blood and reduce swelling. And because the water is heated, muscles are more relaxed allowing greater joint range of motion. What’s more, aquatic therapy has proven to be beneficial in the management of pain.

  • Underwater treadmill
  • Adjustable floor height
  • Specially designed pediatric platform allows two therapists to assist a child
  • Massage jets and wand
  • Deep-water running well
  • Multiple exercise stations
  • Adjustable water-flow current
  • Chair lift

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