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Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine
Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine
Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine

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Our Facilities

Rehabilitation Gym

rehab2Helping patients improve motor function, flexibility, balance, strength and endurance is the inspiration behind our state-of-the-art rehabilitation gym and the therapists who work closely with patient. Our services extend beyond general therapies to include additional programs:

  • 10,000 square foot facility with professional grade equipment
  • HydroWorx therapeutic pool
  • gait and balance analysis
  • pilates training evaluation and routine development
  • ongoing exercise program after therapy is complete

Aquatic Therapy Pools

rehab3Using the principle of buoyancy to make exercise less stressful and painful on joints and muscles, aquatic therapy has been shown to provide tremendous benefits. Because the water is heated, muscles are more relaxed allowing greater joint range of motion. Even patients who have had difficulty with
other therapies often show significant improvement with our private, one-on-one aquatic therapy treatment.

Lakeland Regional offers two aquatic therapy pools, HydroWorx®  and SwimEx®, with different features to meet the diverse needs of our patients.  Adjustable floor height, underwater treadmills and massage jets are just some of the tools that ensure optimal recovery for reducing pain and swelling, increasing mobility, and improving strength.  We also offer athletic training in our SwimEx pool, which provides a controllable water-flow current for resistance training.

  • Underwater treadmills
  • Adjustable floor height
  • Massage jets and wand
  • Deep-water running well
  • Heated water
  • Controllable water-flow current
  • Chair lifts
  • One-on-one instruction
  • Athletic training

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