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History of NICHE

The NICHE program began at Lakeland Regional Medical Center to improve the hospital experience of our older adult patients and their families.  In 2007, LRMC partnered with Nurses Improving Care for Health-System Elders (NICHE), a national program to improve care for older hospitalized adults.

Patients 65 and older may face a variety of health risks.  These include but are not limited to the following: insomnia, nutrition issues, incontinence, risks for falls and skin breakdown.  Prevention and better management are key to improving care for hospitalized older adults and reducing the costs associate with common geriatric syndromes.  Nurses have a principal role to play in improving both the outcomes as well as the hospital experience.

NICHE at Lakeland Regional

NICHE offers the Geriatric Resource Nurse (GRN) model to enhance the knowledge of our nursing staff. In addition, ongoing education is provided throughout the year. Through this education, nurses are role models, assist others with care coordination and model best practices in the care of older adults.

Our Staff

  • Approximately 100 Geriatric focused Registered Nurses
  • 35 Certified Geriatric Nurses
  • 12 Certified Geriatric focused Nursing Assistants

In addition, we have a team of Advanced Practice Nurses specializing in cardiology, critical care, diabetes, medical/gerontology, oncology, pediatrics/NICU, surgery and trauma.  Our nursing staff collaborates with our physicians and multi-disciplinary team members in providing quality care.

  • Resources are utilized to meet individual needs
  • Evidence-based protocols and assessments are utilized
  • Care is centered around the patient and their family
  • Care is managed and coordinated through defined processes

Staff Resources

  • Evidence Based Tools
  • Continuing education and certification
  • Volunteer Programs
  • Quality of Life programs
  • Interdisciplinary processes for planning


  • The purpose of the NICHE program and the GRN model at LRMC is to improve the hospital experience of our older adults.
  • To improve/maintain the functional independence of our older adult patients
  • To provide education to nursing staff on older adult care issues
  • To promote the Geriatric Resource Nurse as a resource
  • To provide an environment conducive to quality, safety and healing

For More Information

To visit the NICHE Knowledge Center, click here.

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