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Two Key Executive Leaders Are Promoted to Fulfill Lakeland Regional’s Expanding Mission and Vision

Thursday, January 10 2013

Today, Lakeland Regional Medical Center President Mack Reavis, MD announced that two executive leaders were promoted to fulfill the health system’s expanding mission and vision.

“The principle behind these promotions is our transformative vision in becoming a clinician-led health system committed to raising the quality of healthcare while lowering the cost, and in so doing, improving the health of the broad communities we serve,” said Dr. Reavis.  “As President of LRMC, my goal is to ensure that patients come first and that our physicians and clinical teams will be fully supported to accomplish that goal.”

The promotions include the following leaders:

  •  Janet Fansler, ­­­­­MS, RN, CENP, is promoted to the role of executive vice president and will continue to serve as chief nurse executive and chief operating officer. Her role will be expanded by having Jeff Payne, vice president of Human Resources, report to her.  Together they will reach world class levels of engagement across our organization.  During FY12 Janet’s leadership played a key role in driving changes in the emergency department that led to national-level outcomes and significantly improved patient wait times and quality of care.  By the end of 2012, more than 80 percent of our patients visiting the ED were discharged or admitted to an inpatient bed within 3 hours.  At the same time, more than 85 percent of our patients were seen by a physician in less than 30 minutes.  In addition, Janet has been highly successful in building a culture of excellence within the nursing staff and in aligning nursing services with overall organizational goals and strategic initiatives.
  • Evan Jones, MBA, is promoted to the role of executive vice president and will continue serving as chief financial officer for Lakeland Regional Health Systems.  Since joining the LRMC team in 2011, Evan has directed efforts to make significant improvements to Lakeland Regional’s revenue cycle and operational efficiency. Under his leadership, the LRMC/LRHS income from operations improved from $7 million in FY11 to $42 million in FY12.  This was accomplished at the same time that LRMC provided $59 million in uncompensated care.   He also supported critical efforts to mitigate reductions in Medicaid reimbursements that were proposed during Florida’s 2012 legislative session and played a key role in working with the Polk County Board of County Commissioners to increase access to care for participants in the Polk County Health Plan.

“By promoting these leaders, I will be able to fully devote my time and center my passion on ensuring that Lakeland Regional Medical Center continues to have a clinically-centered operating and reporting platform that delivers consistent and efficient outcomes by utilizing evidence based practices and improved standardization of care,” concluded Dr. Reavis.  “Please join me in congratulating these community and hospital leaders.”

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