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LRMC Employee Transforms her Health with the Help of Living Well Program

Wednesday, July 17 2013

Debbie Cunningham, the Director of Nursing Secretary, is another example of how an individual can improve her life with the help of  Lakeland Regional’s Living Well initiatives.  At the beginning of 2012, she found something she says “just clicked” when it came to managing her weight and living a healthy lifestyle.  She found Zumba.

“I love the music, dance, and just pushing my limits,” said Cunningham.  “Afterward, you feel so great about yourself.”

Cunningham also says it helps that it’s offered right on campus where she works, since she is able to exercise immediately after work – before she has time to change her mind. She participates in Zumba up to four times a week, and since she began the classes and adopted a balanced diet, she has lost a total of 70 pounds and four dress sizes.

“I can’t stress to others enough – it’s important to find something out there that works for you. Don’t give up on trying different things until you find something you love,” said Debbie. “I have been through seasons of my life where I have taken off the weight only to return to my old habits. This time, I have found something that is a part of me.”

At Lakeland Regional, we are committed to providing the absolute best care for our patients and their families.  To do that, we know we have to first be healthy ourselves! We are proud to support our employees’ personal efforts to make their health and well-being a priority through our Living Well Program.  This program offers employees opportunities in the areas of health screenings, exercise, healthy eating, smoking cessation, vaccinations, educational classes and more.  To learn more about what Lakeland Regional is doing and how other lives have changed as a result, click here.

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