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Lakeland Regional Welcomes Clark & Daughtrey Medical Group

Monday, July 1 2013

Today Lakeland Regional officially welcomed Clark & Daughtrey Medical Group as part of its health system.  The 65 physicians and providers of Clark & Daughtrey, along with their staff members, are now a division of Lakeland Regional Health Systems. 

Both organizations share a common passion and commitment to improving the health of our community. Through this association, the Clark & Daughtrey practice will be able to expand more quickly to better meet the needs of residents in the area who currently lack adequate access to physician care.  Their patients will also experience improved continuity of care between physician office and hospital-based services, and have access to a wider range of diagnostic and treatment services. 

The practice includes a full complement of providers in primary care, including: internal medicine, family practice, pediatrics and obstetrics/gynecology.  In addition, specialty areas cover cardiology, gastroenterology, surgery, oncology, orthopedics, neurology, urology, ENT and others.

With seven practice locations, patients have access to a wide range of physician offices, diagnostic services and walk-in clinic services.  Current patients will continue to be able to see their Clark & Daughtrey physician, or other healthcare provider, at one of these same locations with the exception of  oncology patients in the Lakeland area who will be transferring their care to the Lakeland Regional Cancer Center (July 1 for medical oncology patients and October 1 for radiation oncology patients).

One change for most Clark & Daughtrey patients is that beginning today and after, they will begin receiving Explanation of Benefits or other correspondence related to upcoming visits that will include both names:  “Clark & Daughtrey Medical Group,” and “Lakeland Regional Health Systems.”

Lakeland Regional is excited to be partner with Clark & Daughtrey, their physicians and employees, who have a legacy of delivering exceptional health care to the patients and families of our community.

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