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Lakeland Regional Family Health Center to Open July 10

Thursday, July 5 2012

Lakeland Regional will soon take on a new role within the community: primary healthcare provider. The Lakeland Regional Family Health Center, which is expected to open on July10, will be located across the street from the Emergency Department at 300 Parkview Place. The center will serve as a medical home for those who do not have access to a primary care physician. During the initial start-up phase, the center will only be available to those who have just been treated at Lakeland Regional’s E.R., or are referred following an inpatient stay.

Serving as a medical home, the center will be a high-quality, low-cost option for primary care outside of the hospital’s Emergency Department. As a result, patients seeking primary care will have greater access to needed services, as well as enhanced focus on prevention, early identification and management of chronic health problems. This is one of our many strategic initiatives to ensure our community receives the highest quality care at the lowest possible cost.

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