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Is there kryptonite for this superbug? Our experts say “yes.”

Thursday, March 7 2013

 A new superbug making a rise in hospitals nation-wide is carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE). According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this family of germs is difficult to treat because they resist antibiotics.

But like superman, every superbug has a weakness.

Lakeland Regional Medical Center is taking action to prevent this superbug, as well as other potential infection risks.

“We are preventing CRE and other infections at Lakeland Regional by enhancing our surveillance for these types of ‘super’ germs and continually cleaning our environment,” said Daniel Haight, MD, Lakeland Regional’s associate vice president of community health. “Our LRMC team has certainly, over the years, had experience with resistant organisms and this has prepared us well to deal with this growing concern.” 

“We also have a house-wide strategic initiative in place to continually decrease and prevent hospital associated infections,” said Carrie Ogilvie, DNP, ACNS-BC, CCRN, AVP of Critical Care and Trauma Services.  “Preventing infections is a top priority for our hospital.  A simple task of handwashing is one of the top ways to prevent the superbug or any infection.”


TRUE OR FALSE, when it comes to the superbug,

  • Washing your hands or using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer SEVERAL times during your hospital visit is a little overkill.


 FALSE! Don’t wash your hands just once, but rather, every time you pass a handwashing station.  And, don’t forget to share this information with family members visiting the hospital. 


 TRUE OR FALSE: Patients should not expect their doctors or nurses to wash their hands when they enter the room.  Afterall, their hands are already clean!


 FALSE! Handwashing upon entering a room is a standard practice at LRMC and should be expected by our patients.


 TRUE OR FALSE: Only taking antibiotics when necessary and as prescribed can help prevent the spread of CRE.


 TRUE! Only taking antibiotics when necessary will help prevent the spread of antibiotic resistance.

 For more information about CRE, go to:

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