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Energy Drinks: Worth the Boost?

Tuesday, December 4 2012

By Daniel Haight, MD, FACP, Lakeland Regional Medical Center’s associate vice president of community health

We are all moving fast into the new year, and the excitement of the winter holidays requires a lot of energy just to keep up.

But keep an eye open to the fact that even if you fill up with an energy drink, your tank can still run empty. Whether they have sugar or not, the stimulating ingredients certainly have an effect.

I urge to be cautious.  You may feel like you’re flying, but ask your friends and family how it’s affecting your mood. Are you more irritable, edgy and shaky? That might be the extreme if you are amping up your “energy” dose to get through work, family obligations, and the holidays.

Ask yourself:
– Are you sleeping well?
– Do you get headaches if you change how much caffeine you consume?

These are hard-to-ignore changes that can creep up as we try to meet the demands of our day. To know how much caffeine is healthy for you, consider talking to your doctor for their advice.  And finally, remember, caffeinated drinks can’t energize us if our fuel tanks are dry. We need sleep, time to relax and good nutrition.

Stay energized and healthy this holiday season!

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