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A Lakeland Regional Foundation for the Future

Thursday, December 6 2012

by Michael Criscuolo, Executive Director of the Lakeland Regional Medical Center Foundation

Michael Criscuolo stands with the Trilogy -- cancer radiation technology that was made possible by those who gave to the Lakeland Regional Medical Center Foundation.

Philanthropy – a Greek term directly translated to “love of mankind” – is alive and well thanks to the foundation of community involvement in our region.  Charitable gifts have been the cornerstone of Lakeland Regional since its inception – when Jane Morrell bequeathed a parcel of land north of downtown Lakeland for the creation of a hospital back in 1914.  Yet, philanthropy is more than just a proud tradition here. The generosity of friends like you enables us to invest in core programs and services for the future of our hospital.

If you asked your fellow citizens what the Foundation team at Lakeland Regional does, chances are you would get a wide variety of responses – most of them inaccurate.  

So, what is the Foundation and what role do we play at Lakeland Regional Medical Center?  As a non-profit organization, LRMC depends on charitable support to maintain and enhance the quality of healthcare for our patients and their families.  Contributions from individuals, physicians, employees, corporations and foundations are crucial sources of this support. 

Very simply, our role is to encourage the community to support LRMC’s vital work.  We accomplish this by positively engaging current and future donors, simplifying the giving process and communicating the impact of philanthropy on the care we provide to our community.  Charitable contributions – large or small – enable LRMC to provide the most advanced technology and treatment methods available.

While there are experienced professionals on the LRMC Foundation team, our most important team member is you!  The charitable support of our community is a vital, measurable part of LRMC’s success.  In recent years, philanthropic investments from our community have benefited numerous LRMC programs, including nursing and staff education, the building of new facilities and the purchase of life-saving equipment. 

Today, as we confront the fiscal, operational, market, and sociological pressures of the new healthcare environment, your philanthropic support is more important than ever.  Indeed, now is the time to improve our care and strengthen our systems, and we can only do this with your continued generosity.

With the year drawing to a close, many people are contemplating where to direct their charitable donations. We hope that you will think of partnering with us so that we can sustain the level of quality care that our community rightfully deserves.

 For information on how you can support the LRMC Foundation, please contact me at (863) 284-1551 or

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