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Building a Village to Prevent Trauma and Injury

As a trauma ICU nurse, Brittany Taylor has been there for patients and their families during some of their most critical hours.   She has advocated on their behalf, helped save lives, and also offered comfort to families experiencing sudden and unexpected loss.  In 2012, when she had the opportunity to step into a role that could prevent other patients from experiencing the loss and trauma she had seen, she decided to shift her career path.

Now, as the trauma injury prevention coordinator at Lakeland Regional, she shares powerful and informative messages of prevention to groups, organizations and companies throughout the region.

“My passion is to equip others with the knowledge they need to stay safe and injury-free,” said Brittany.  “I have seen how trauma can affect families, and if I can keep even one family from experiencing that kind of loss, then that is a great day.”

Brittany spearheads Lakeland Regional’s Walksafe Program, educating and preparing local elementary school P.E. coaches to teach their students how to safely walk to school.  Since the program was initiated in 2002 in Miami, there has been a more than 40 percent decrease in students hit by cars.

This spring through the beginning of the summer, Brittany is offering drowning prevention classes for groups in the Lakeland area – focusing her message on supervision, barriers and emergency preparedness.  Those who participate receive door alarms and “water watcher badges.”

Another new initiative geared toward individuals who are 55 years of age and older is the “Falls Prevention Class” in which Brittany offers tips and reminders to prevent falls.   According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 20,000 older adults died from unintentional falls in 2009.  Through prevention classes offered at Lakeland Regional, participants can learn to greatly reduce their chances of falling and facing an injury.

“We’ve received such great feedback from the classes, and it’s rewarding to know those who have participated are now helping spread these messages,” said Brittany. “It takes an entire village to prevent traumas, and we are building that village through education.”

Learn more about Lakeland Regional’s other trauma prevention initiatives and classes. To schedule a free trauma prevention class, call (863) 687-1100 ext. 2241 or email Brittany at

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