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Midge’s Real Life Story

Hear from Midge and Members of her Care Team:

Read Midge’s Story:

Midge Warley vaguely remembers calling 911. The rest is a blur. When paramedics arrived, they found Midge unconscious on the floor and rushed her to the nearest hospital in Winter Haven. Once doctors there determined a higher level of care was needed, Midge was air lifted to nearby Lakeland Regional Medical Center.

CT scans revealed a ruptured aortic aneurysm. Lakeland Regional’s team of cardiovascular surgeons, specialty trained cardiac nurses, surgical techs, cardiac anesthesiologist, and a perfusionist worked through the night, repairing the rupture with an artificial graft. “A life threatening condition like Midge’s requires coordination of a diverse team of caregivers,” remarks Dr. Nestor Dans, cardiovascular surgeon at Lakeland Regional Heart Center. “Because LRMC has both a trauma program and a cardiac program, we are uniquely suited to successfully manage extremely complex problems.”

High blood pressure is the leading cause of aortic aneurysms and can also lead to heart failure. According to cardiovascular and thoracic surgery nurse practitioner Donna Lester, “If an aneurysm is discovered early enough through an ultrasound or CT scan, LRMC can perform an endovascular repair through the groin using the same grafts as Midge’s, but a less invasive procedure.”

Today Midge is well on her way to recovery and is thankful to be alive, and she’s especially grateful for the team of medical professionals who came together to save her life.

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