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Hybrid Operating Rooms

As the region’s leader in cardiac and vascular care, patients have depended on LRHMC’s Heart Center for life-saving cardiac care for decades. Our three state-of-the-art Hybrid Operating Rooms give our patients advanced treatment options and gives our surgeons increased flexibility by coupling traditional surgical capabilities with the latest imaging modalities. By investing in the newest technology, LRHMC continues to set an elite standard of care for your health and for the wellness of our community.

What is a Hybrid Operating Room?

LRHMC’s Hybrid Operating Rooms merge minimally invasive and traditional surgical sciences with advanced imaging technology. This allows cardiologists to perform traditional diagnostic functions of our cardiac catheterization lab or interventional radiology suites with traditional surgical functions of the operating room. Physicians use real-time intra-operative image guidance to evaluate, intervene and assess the results of minimally invasive procedures, complex minimally invasive procedures, and open surgical cases.

Hybrid Operating Rooms create an environment where interventional approaches can be performed under even the most complex conditions, including patients who are considered high risk. In the course of performing interventional procedures, it sometimes becomes necessary for physicians to perform traditional “open” surgery. In this situation, time is critical. Thanks to the Hybrid Operating Room’s “surgical safety net,” there are no delays in getting patients the life-saving surgical services they need.

Benefits of a Hybrid Operating Room

LRHMC’s Hybrid Operating Rooms give patients and their doctors a less invasive approach to treating cardiac problems, which ultimately leads to improved outcomes and safer procedures. Patients who undergo procedures in a Hybrid Operating Room typically experience less trauma, less scarring, a shorter hospital stay and faster rehabilitation.

The Hybrid Operating Room also supports a multidisciplinary approach so that surgeons from different areas of specialty can work together to treat multiple medical issues in a single episode of care. This holistic approach is designed to limit additional procedures and ultimately reduce hospital stays and possible complications or infections.

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