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Heart Center

A higher quality of cardiac care for a higher quality of life.

CPC primary PCPI accred logoAt Lakeland Regional Health, you’ll find superior care for a wider range of cardiac services. As the most established heart program in Polk County, no one offers you more knowledge, more innovation or more expertise.

As first in the region to perform open heart surgery, Lakeland Regional Health Medical Center’s more than 30 years of experience is unmatched locally. In addition, Lakeland Regional Health was first to offer leading advances in treatment like atherectomy and stenting, including drug-eluting stents. That commitment to bringing state-of-the-art procedures to the area continues today.

Most Experienced Staff

When considering heart care, also consider who’s providing it. Our services are delivered by leading, board-certified cardiologists, cardiovascular and thoracic surgeons, electrophysiologists and specialty-trained cardiac nurses, along with other multidisciplinary heart specialists. Our cardiac surgeons perform more than 9,000 procedures annually and have more combined years of experience and expertise than any other hospital in our area. Which means that here, you’ll receive the highest level of cardiac care for a wider range of services.

With such technology, skill and experience, it’s no wonder LRH’s heart program is thriving. And so are our patients. For a free physician referral, call 863.682.5762.

Meet our Cardiologists

Meet our Cardiovascular Surgeons

Innovative Treatments, Services and Procedures

Inside LRH’s CVOR during a beating heart surgery

LRH has long been at the forefront of cardiac care. As the first in the area to bring you open-heart procedures and robotic surgery, LRH offers treatment comparable to leading heart centers across the country, which means you’ll often find procedures here that aren’t available at other places. And since more than 70 million Americans have been diagnosed with heart disease, LRH’s Heart Center is committed to improving the lives of patients with heart disease like never before.

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Superior Equipment and Facilities

A view from LRH’s cath lab

When you’re faced with life-threatening heart problems, don’t settle for anything less than the most progressive cardiac services. From our emergency department to our catheterization labs, to our sophisticated OR suites and Coronary Care Unit, patients at LRH receive state-of-the art cardiac surgery technologies that go unmatched in our area.

And because we can house a bigger heart program, we’re able to bring you better services, resulting in the best possible care.

Following are a few of the ways we bring you outstanding care:

  • More operating room/cardiac surgery suites than other area hospitals
  • Most catheterization labs in Polk County
  • More than 9,000 cardiac procedures annually
  • Most advanced equipment

We’ve got the coolest treatment in town…

Statistics tell us that despite high-tech drugs and medical care, only 7 percent of the 300,000 Americans who suffer cardiac arrest this year will survive. However, a new treatment is now available that can increase survival rates. Only a limited number of hospitals in the country have this revolutionary technology, and LRH is proud to be one of them.

Induced hypothermia involves placing a patient into a hypothermic state, lowering their body temperature. When the heart stops, the brain is deprived of oxygen, even with CPR. No drugs or high-tech machines can stop the damage, but studies show Induced Hypothermia administered for 24 hours stops and even prevents neurological damage.

cool-treatmentResearch shows that cooling decreases the body’s metabolism, thereby preserving neurologic function and preventing swelling in the brain. In 2005, the American Heart Association incorporated Induced Hypothermia Therapy into its advanced cardiovascular life support protocol. Clinical trials suggest it may also be beneficial in selected patients with neurologic injuries. In a very celebrated case, professional football player Kevin Everett of the Buffalo Bills was treated with Induced Hypothermia following a spinal cord injury in a game with the Denver Broncos.

One LRH patient, E. Wyllys Taylor, was attending a birthday party when he collapsed. In spite of the fact there were doctors and emergency personnel in the vicinity, as well as an automatic external defibrillator, Mr. Taylor’s survival was severely threatened. The victim credits Mathew Vadaparampil, MD of Lakeland Regional Health, and Dean Sandifer, MD of Watson Clinic, with employing the hypothermia equipment that helped save his life.

In describing her husband’s ordeal, Mrs. Taylor said, “Life was breathed back into him…It wouldn’t be the same story without it (the technology).”

Numerous cases have been reported from other hospitals. They tell of patients who were non-responsive and facing almost certain neurologic damage before Induced Hypothermia was applied for 24 hours. Remarkably, these patients recovered with no neurological abnormalities.

Education & Rehabilitation

Whether you’re at risk for heart disease or have already experienced a significant episode, we’re focused on keeping your heart healthy for the long run. We offer a variety of community seminars and classes aimed at achieving better heart health, whether it’s through smoking cessation or eating more wisely. For patients admitted to our hospital, we provide phase I cardiac rehabilitation. Under the guidance of our rehabilitation team, this program gives patients the knowledge and tools necessary to better manage and modify lifestyle, such as nutrition and exercise. We also offer the following programs:

  • Ongoing community seminars and classes
  • Coordinated exercise, diet and education program
  • Supervision by cardiac doctors, nurses, therapists & dietitians
  • In-patient education via LRH-TV On Demand
  • Staff encouragement and support

– For valuable information about heart health, visit the
American Heart Association.

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