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Urologic Oncology / Urology

Welcome to LRCC’s Urologic Oncology Department

When you receive care from the Urologic Oncology team at Lakeland Regional Cancer Center, you can rest assured you are receiving the best and most specialized treatment in the area.  With a team of 5 fellowship trained physicians, LRCC patients benefit from a multi-disciplinary approach offering advanced urologic care.

Each patient is given personalized care, following all national guidelines for treatment.  LRCC physicians meet weekly to discuss each complex case, allowing for input from each discipline, thus providing patients the benefits of a wide range of experience.  In addition to our urologic oncologists, patients are offered the care from and convenience of having medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, surgical oncologists and other specialists, all under one roof.  Patients gain from the experience of all our highly trained physicians, while at the same time receiving all the care they need in one location.

With 5 urologists all trained in multiple aspects of therapy, patients are given multiple options for treatment and are ensured they have all information on each treatment available.  Their decades of combined experience results in better outcomes for their patients, and ensures that patients receive cross-coverage care.

While each physician has numerous areas of expertise and practices general urology, each also has a “champion area” in which he or she puts special focus.  With an extensive ability to provide hormonal therapy, chemotherapy and an active, robust and state-of-the-art clinical trials program, LRCC’s Urologic Oncology Department is leading the way in treatment options.

Each physician is passionate about his or her work, is dedicated to the patient and getting the best possible outcomes, and strives each day to make LRCC’s Urologic Oncology program the highest quality service, with the best patient experiences, in the area.

Meet our Urologic Oncologists:

Mark Bandyk, M.D.
Graham Greene, M.D.
G. Byron Hodge, Jr., M.D.
Frances Martin, M.D.
Matthew S. Smith, M.D.

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Community Education

At Lakeland Regional Cancer Center, we recognize that knowledge is power. It is our goal to educate community members and encourage them to be proactive when it comes to their health. Throughout the year, we invite members of the public to attend educational events that vary in topic and focus.

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