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Hollis Cancer Center Testimonials

“The compassion, gentleness and honesty shown to me by the Hollis Cancer Center’s team of doctors, staff, front desk and even the cookie lady were what got me through it…You always made me feel optimistic. With my hope and longevity restored, I press on every day. I love you all.”
– Jennifer Vazquez, cervical cancer patient

“At the Hollis Cancer Center, I got immediate testing, an immediate diagnosis, and immediate care.”
– Constance Kimbley, breast cancer patient

“I have an aggressive type of cancer and it was time to take drastic measures…When I heard about the trial from Dr. Hodge, I felt privileged to have this type of care and the chance to help others who may be in my shoes one day.”
– Merle Clark, prostate cancer clinical trial patient

“All the doctors and nurses at Lakeland Regional were very professional, and they were very personable. I was at the cancer center so often, I was on a first name basis with all the nurses…She (Jo Horrell) always knew what answers I needed even when I didn’t know what questions to ask.”
– Paul Leonard, colon cancer survivor

“I knew right there, in my heart, that there will be people coming from different angles of my life to be there for me. And I was grateful that I felt in my heart I was at the best cancer center ever, and I also knew that I had the doctors that were going to see to the best path for me.”
– Jennifer Dennis, patient and breast cancer survivor

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