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What happens when we are not well protected against the flu virus?

Daniel Haight, MD | Wednesday, November 6 2013

Flu is a preventable disease and we have a safe vaccine that is available. Reducing the risk of flu is many times better than the real illness that kills thousands of people a year in… > READ MORE

mosquito sucking blood from human hand

A person who lives in Northwestern Hillsborough County is currently recovering from a brain infection –  Encephalitis – caused by a virus carried by mosquitoes.  This is the first case seen in the area since… > READ MORE


It can hit hard and fast, then spread to those closest to you. It is not the flu, but rather a virus that causes fever, vomiting and explosive diarrhea (known by doctors as Gastroenteritis*). Most… > READ MORE


The Number one Myth About Flu Shots

Daniel Haight, MD | Thursday, January 17 2013

When are flu shots usually given?  I used to answer by saying “around Halloween time.” But a more obvious answer is “During Cold and Flu Season.”  (By the way…that is NOW!) It is this time… > READ MORE


Building a Healthy Community Takes Passion and Partnerships

Daniel Haight, MD | Tuesday, December 4 2012

“The health of a community is the wealth of a community.” That is something I heard often at the beginning of my career in public health.  Everyone wants to live in a thriving successful region,… > READ MORE


The GME Paradox

W. Mack Reavis, MD | Friday, October 12 2012

Proactively addressing the critical shortage of doctors in Polk County is a major opportunity to improve the health and wellness of our community.  Today, we have only 61 primary care physicians for every 100,000 residents… > READ MORE

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