National Nurses Week: Celebrating Quality Care

As we celebrate National Nurses Week, Lakeland Regional’s nurses have the opportunity to reflect on the reasons they became nurses.  Our professional nurses have received advanced education and continue to advance their knowledge to ensure they are providing the latest evidence -based practice. Therefore, our nurses make a positive impact – by not only providing for patients’ physical medical needs, but also by giving them the emotional and mental support they need and desire.

When a patient comes to Lakeland Regional’s ER, visits one of our outpatient clinics, or is admitted to the hospital – nurses make a point to realize what a vulnerable time it can be, for the patient and the patient’s family.  They treasure each patient’s unique medical circumstance and needs, and they act.  Whether someone is having a baby, overcoming a life-threatening condition, or has a broken leg – our nurses are honored to provide care during those critical hours.   They advocate to ensure patients receive the medical attention they need and deserve, listen, hold hands, encourage, and offer hope.  That’s what nursing is all about to us.

Through the years, our profession has evolved and our nurses are often considered the front-line leaders of care.    Nurses consistently manage complex situations, yet, in the midst of these activities, nurses make sure that a tangible sense of caring is not lost – instead, they make it a vital part of their job.  By knowing our patients and their families and creating trusting relationships, we strive to do all of these things better.

After thoughtful research, Lakeland Regional’s nurses were inspired by and subsequently adopted JoAnne Duffy’s Quality Caring Model, from which our house-wide promises were created.  These promises guide the way we care for ourselves, our team members, our community, and – most of all – our patients and their families.

This Nurses Week, we thank the 1,740 nurses in our hospital and outpatient facilities and also recognize the contributions of the hundreds of other caregivers and support teams who make quality care possible at Lakeland Regional.  We also say thank you to our patients – for giving us a chance to do what we love every day: to listen, care and make a difference.