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Tuesday, September 24 2013

e-Cigarettes: Are More Young People “Using” Them?


If you have successfully kicked the smoking habit, you likely had many reasons: saving your health and the health of others, plus saving a lot of money to name a few.

Better yet: Breaking away from an addiction that required numerous purchases feels good too, right?

So what about the new trend of smokers…the ones using e-Cigarettes?

If you quit and do not want to spend your money on a new device to deliver nicotine, do you find it hard to see people using e-Cigarettes in restaurants, etc.?

Does it really help former smokers kick the habit or keep users of the product from picking up a real cigarette?

Some people have successfully quit smoking real cigarettes by using these devices and have graduated to non-nicotine containing e-Cigarettes because they like holding them and find the variety of aromas pleasing. Others did not like trading one expense for another even though it reduced their cancer risk.

But why do there appear to be so many young people choosing to use this product with the nicotine?

The commercials mention “freedom.” This may be the reason that one of the fastest growing consumers of this product is teens.

This age group may not understand the power of addiction and how fast expenses will pile up. It is true; this is just a plastic stick with water vapor and an optional aroma. ¬†Are there long lasting health risks associated with these devices…well the jury is still out and real data may not be available for some time.

Health risk data may not be available for some time on these products, but what we do know is addiction for any thing is a challenge to overcome regardless of age.

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