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Understanding Psoriasis

Daniel Haight, MD | Wednesday, August 28 2013

A person might ask, “What are these spots on my skin?” or feel embarrassed if others stare and think they are contagious. (They are not.) The spots are often much larger than the size of a… > READ MORE


Packing Safe and Healthy School Lunches

Daniel Haight, MD | Thursday, August 22 2013

Does your child’s lunch box hold more than food? You may be packing more than you bargained for when you packed your child’s lunch box today. Along with the healthy and nutritious foods you think… > READ MORE


Childhood Illnesses Thought to Be Long Gone Are On the Rise

Daniel Haight, MD | Tuesday, August 20 2013

Local health authorities are watching Texas closely due to an increase in the number of measles cases reported recently in their state. This disease causes a rash, fever, aches, cough, runny nose and occasional cases… > READ MORE

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