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e-Cigarettes: A “Quitting Device” or Another Vice?

Daniel Haight, MD | Monday, January 28 2013

For those struggling to quit smoking, have you seen recent advertisements about electronic cigarettes, or “e-cigarettes,” and wondered if this was something that could help you? Instead of lighting up, a battery powers the production… > READ MORE


The Number one Myth About Flu Shots

Daniel Haight, MD | Thursday, January 17 2013

When are flu shots usually given?  I used to answer by saying “around Halloween time.” But a more obvious answer is “During Cold and Flu Season.”  (By the way…that is NOW!) It is this time… > READ MORE


Influenza (flu) has been identified across the state of Florida and within our community.  Many of us know of people who are recovering from the flu or flu-like illnesses.  Is it really possible to avoid… > READ MORE


The Truth about Blood Clots

Daniel Haight, MD | Wednesday, January 2 2013

Here are two words that typically never sound good together, or alone:  “blood” and “clots.” Why is this?  After all, we need blood, and donating it is a noble action.  And tiny clots are always… > READ MORE

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